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Patent your idea from $2970

At Caska IP we work with many inventors who are located all over Australia, inventors in remote areas or inventors who are simply too busy for face-to-face consultations in one of our offices (our offices are in Newcastle, on the Central Coast or in Sydney). Given these clients don’t use our office we have decided they should be charged at a discounted rate – that got us thinking.

“Would other Australian inventors like to be online clients?….Well the answer has been a resounding yes!”

So, here is the deal. For online clients only – we will fully prepare and file an Australian provisional patent application for a single relatively simple invention for $2970 including GST and Patent Office fees. For an invention of medium complexity this costs will rise to $3960 including GST and Patent Office fees. Highly complex inventions will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. It is noted that the preparation of complex patent drawings and patent searches are not included in the above pricing. However, we can also assist with affordable drawings and patent searching if need be.

Prefer to meet in person? – We have client meeting facilities in Newcastle, Sydney and on the Central Coast. Please send us an email and we will respond within 24 hours with a no obligation quote and call you to have a complimentary initial discussion.

How we Provide Affordable Low Patent Costs

Step 1: To get started please send an email to, fill out the contact form or give us a call on the number listed above. We will then send you an email  with a new provisional patent invention disclosure document which explain the next steps to take.

Step 2: Inventor Interview –  we will  email you or call you to arrange an inventor interview in which you will work through the invention disclosure document with a fully qualified patent attorney. At this stage, we will require an initial payment of $275 (Inc. GST).

Step 3: Once the invention disclosure and inventor interview are complete, we will proceed to prepare your patent specification. Before, we prepare the specification we will require full payment of the remaining balance. The preparation of the specification will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of payment.

Step 4: We will send you a draft of the specification for review. We will again contact you to assist you with the review to ensure your specification is of the highest quality.

Step 5: We will  file the provisional patent application with the Australian Patent Office.

Have questions?

Please see our “How to Patent” section or please send an email to, fill out the “contact form” or give us a call on the number listed above.

We look forward to working with you.

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