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We are Registered Australian & New Zealand Patent Attorneys and your confidentially is protected under Federal law.

Please complete the form below and let us know if you would like an IP Strategy Consultation, Preliminary “First-Cut” Patent Search or Invention Assessment. Please note the pricing below is provided for a typical mechanical, system or consumer product invention and prices may vary for complex inventions.

Once we receive your order we will perform conflict checks and arrange payment before beginning your matter. You will hear from us within 24 to 48 hours.

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[price_column title=”IP Strategy Consultation”][price_amount]$330 (inc. GST)[/price_amount][price_desc]1 hour consultation[/price_desc][price_desc] Discuss Patent & Design process[/price_desc][price_desc]Identify Appropriate IP Rights[/price_desc][price_desc] Brief Background Search [/price_desc][price_desc]Summary of Protection Strategies Available[/price_desc] [/price_column]

[price_column type=”featured” title=”Invention Assessment”][price_amount]$2,200 (inc. GST)[/price_amount][price_desc] includes:¬†IP Strategy Consultation[/price_desc][price_desc] includes:¬†Preliminary “First-Cut” Patent Search [/price_desc][price_desc] + Technical Feasibility Analysis[/price_desc][price_desc] + Marketability Analysis[/price_desc][price_footer] + Summary Report [/price_footer][/price_column]

[price_column title=”First-Cut Patent Search “][price_amount]$1,320 (inc. GST)[/price_amount][price_desc] includes: IP Strategy Consultation[/price_desc][price_desc] + Preliminary Patent Search[/price_desc][price_desc] + Summary Patentability Report [/price_desc][price_desc] – [/price_desc][price_footer] – [/price_footer][/price_column]


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