Patent Costs

Securing patent rights does not need to be unnecessarily expensive. At IP&, we have adopted a low overhead business model to reduce our overheads which results in substantial savings being passed onto the client. Our fees are typically 25% less than traditional firms.

Initial Patent Costs?

The initial cost to draft and file a provisional patent application is typically in the range of $3,410 to $6,710 (Inc. GST and Patent Office Fees) depending on the complexity of the invention. The quality of the provisional specification is paramount as a high quality specification provides the protection required as well as saving costs in the longer term by reducing the likelihood of objections from the patent office. We do not use “tricks” like some larger firms like leaving out the patent claims (and then charging you for this later on) and we don’t charge you per invention for what is overall the same invention.

Total Patent Costs?

To then file complete applications in Australia and overseas jurisdictions such as the USA, China you should expect to pay around $2,000 to $7,000 per country (this does vary heavily on the country). This cost is not due for at least a year after your initial application. The total cost tends to be about $6,000 to $12,000 per country and is typically spread over about 5 to 7 years. Once the patent is granted, renewal fees are payable to keep the patent in force.

Patents Generate Revenue and Protect Market Share

The ultimate aim of a patent should be to generate far more revenue than the cost incurred during the patenting process. As you can see from the above costs, provided you select countries of high commercial value in which to seek patent protection, the patent costs should in fact be dwarfed by the revenue generated by the patent. This revenue may be direct revenue by licensing or selling your patent, or this revenue may be indirect due to the propriety nature and protected market share afforded to your invention.

We Offer Simple Fixed Fees and Expert Advice

IP& offers fixed and capped fee options that provide you with a clear estimate of patent costs upfront. We also have an associated network of like minded patent attorneys in international jurisdictions, such as the USA, who are also able to provide low fixed patent costs and expertly handle your patent application before the patent offices in their respective jurisdictions. Please contact us for a confidential discussion and obtain a quote to patent your invention.

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As an individual inventor, I set out to find a Patent Attorney service that was accessible and reasonably priced to assist in lodging my first patent application. I found IP& (formerly Caska IP) to be not only affordable and accessible, but highly professional and attentive to my needs and requirements. IP& worked with me to assist in refining my idea and expressing its unique qualities. I highly recommend IP& to the individual inventor.

Lester Walters
Inventor, QUAD R&D Pty Ltd