Introducing IP& (a Rebrand of Caska IP)

We are excited to announce that Caska IP will be rebranded as IP& as of 1 July 2018. It’s the same team, company and work philosophy – we’ve just changed the sign on the door and taken some of the initial steps to gear IP& for growth and a more expansive range of services. IP& will remain a boutique IP firm with a focus on Australian and international patents, designs and trade marks.

The “&” signifies that we’re going to do more, much more, with new service channels such as IP& Design, IP& Commercialisation, IP& Branding and IP& Cognitive being rolled out or in the pipeline. Many of these services such as design and commercialisation were already offered with Caska IP, we are now formalising these under the IP& banner to provide a unified customer experience.

Why IP&?

IP& is for the curious, the thinkers and inventors. What’s the “&” for? Thinkers and inventors are curious – these are our Clients’, network and friends. IP& is a bit “different” in terms of branding, but that’s ok – different is good, different is better, different is memorable.

Whilst most patent attorney firms are busily focussed on filing and prosecuting patents for overseas companies in Australia, we’ve always focussed on local Australian companies, inventors, start-ups and provided services such as IP strategy and management, patent searching, ideation, and, in particular, we actually write (known as drafting) the patent specifications to protect Australian inventions in Australia and internationally. We’ve always employed a close “hands-on” working relationships with our Clients’ and due to this approach we have achieved very good track record of achieving commercially useful and enforceable patent rights in Australia as well as in key international jurisdictions such as the USA, China and Europe.

Over the past 6 years it is evermore apparent that protecting the IP is only one part of the equation. There is more, and needs to be more, than simply a patent or IP firm that files a patent and stares blankly when asked about how to commercialise the invention. We wanted a brand that spoke to this – with “&” in IP& to signal that there is more to IP protection than simply securing IP rights – it is an entire process from ideation, design, prototyping, searching, patent drafting, filing, prosecution, enforcement and, of course, commercialisation – funding, deals and licensing. IP& better reflects our core strength and approach, and unique points of difference in the Australian IP marketplace.

It is also worth noting that the Australian patent attorney profession is currently in a state of flux with something in the order of 50% of patent attorneys employed by three listed companies – this has created a mass exodus of Attorneys and Clients from the listed firms. So, one of our reasons to rebrand to IP& was to hopefully provide a more attractive brand to both Clients and Attorneys looking for a new firm.

Where does IP& fit in the Australian IP Firm Landscape?

IP& is a boutique  firm having just a handful of specialist IP practitioners including registered patent and trade mark Attorneys. We’ve always practiced at or a beyond tier 1 level but offer a more personalised and cost effective service in comparison to larger firms. This is recognised in the distinguished list of clients with whom we are privileged to work including Automed, Seeley International, WearX, Minetek and DiDi. Recently, we have been part of a successful team in the Federal Court case Sandvik Intellectual Property AB v Quarry Mining & Construction Equipment Pty Ltd [2017] FCAFC 138.

Whilst we do work with some large companies and provide Counsel in Federal Court litigation matters, we always make the time for start-ups and smaller Australian companies that make up the bulk of our practice. These Clients benefit from our experience in complex matters, and appreciate the more personalised service and cost effectiveness we provide being a relatively small practice.

IP& will further distinguish itself by coupling the tier 1 level legal work with IP ancillary services such as industrial design, drawings, strategy, funding and branding. For example, we have already implemented initial design packages with view to improving our Clients’ IP – not just protecting the end result.

Where to Now?

It’s an exciting time for us with our Clients’ recently on TV shows including Shark Tank and Australia by Design, products in Woolworths and Coles, multiple M&As and exciting new startups with highly successful funding and Kickstarter campaigns.

We know 2018 will continue to be a great year, and we take this opportunity to thank our Client’s and supporters.

Well, for now, that’s it. However, if you are job hunting (or know someone who is) we are hiring a paralegal and a mid-level patent attorney.

If you would like to get in touch, please call or send us an email at