Patent Agent Services Australia

IP& is a boutique Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm with locations in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. We provide Australian patent attorney agent services to all levels of clients from multinational companies right through to the individual inventor. Our approach may be simplified as “service with value” whereby our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise at affordable costs.

We work with associate patent attorneys in a variety of jurisdictions.  We are committed to not only providing expert affordable services to our associates but also providing reciprocal work and regular updates in relation to Australian patent, trade mark and design law.

We also work with individual inventors or companies directly, for example, small US, European or Chinese companies. For companies with inhouse intellectual property legal counsel, directly filing with us can substantially reduce your patent, trade mark and design costs.

Our Patent Agent Services

We offer the full suite of intellectual property services for the Australian market and have reputable Australian intellectual property legal firms at hand to provide assistance with associated legal work such as patent and trade mark litigation. Our services include:

  • Direct and National Phase Entry
  • Divisional filing
  • Innovation patents
  • Prosecution
  • Direct Trade Mark filings
  • Assistance with Madrid application prosecution
  • Patent and Trade Mark licensing and litigation.

Technology Areas

  • Mechanical Engineering (household items, building, manufacturing, sporting goods)
  • Electrical Engineering (control systems, radar, ultrasonics, power systems, batteries)
  • Renewable Energy  (wind, wave and tidal energy, solar, geothermal)
  • Process and Chemical Engineering (industrial chemicals, reacting systems, biofuels, combustion)
  • Software (software and website based patents, applications (apps), software controlled mechanical and electromechanical systems)
  • Mining (Processing, floatation, crushing, drilling, borehole radar, shuttle cars, breakers, conveyors)
  • Medical (devices, patches, instruments, implants)

If you would like us to handle your Australian patent application, please contact us and we will arrange the cost effective filing of your application.