AU National Phase Entry Australia

We can assist you with Australian (AU) National Phase Entry, direct filings, divisional applications, extensions of time, and advice on adapting your application to Australian patent law such as attending to unity of invention issues or the strategic filing of filing an Australian innovation patent application.

Filing Deadline – 31 Months

Australian national phase applications must be filed by 31 months from the earliest claimed priority date.

What is required?

  • PCT application number or International (WO) publication number
  • If the specification is not in English, a verified English translation

Australian National Phase Entry Costs

Our fee for National phase entry into Australia is $1,395 AUD . We charge in Australian dollars via direct wire transfer, credit card or PayPal. This cost includes on going case management until the maintenance/renewal fees become due in the 4th year or the Request for Examination is due.

How to enter AU National Phase with us

To enter the national phase with us, please send an email to with the PCT application number, the deadline and your contact details. Alternately, you may fill in our contact form located on our contact page. If your deadline is urgent (i.e. within 7 days), please ensure that you bring this to our attention.

Why use us?

IP& was founded to provide expert yet affordable patent and trade mark services in the Australian market place. We are technically trained from the some of the world’s most prestigious universities including, Stanford USA, University of Stuttgart, Germany and the University of Sydney.

Your patent, trade mark or design application will be handled with the utmost of care and diligence to ensure you have the best chance of achieving enforceable rights in Australia. We have locations in Sydney, Australia’s commercial hub, and Newcastle, one of Australia’s largest mining, manufacturing and wine making regions and are committed to providing our Associates with reciprocal filings generated from our local client base.