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We assist innovators from all walks of life to secure robust and commercially useful IP rights including patents, trade marks and registered designs in Australia and internationally.

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It starts with good strategy and ends with robust IP rights

All good IP starts with strategy – the how, what and when? Is your idea or brand able to be protected? Will you infringe someone else’s IP rights. When should you file or review your IP rights? What is your IP position? A clear path forward and actionable steps along the way will make a tremendous difference to the overall outcome.

We specialise in all aspects of patents including drafting, filing, prosecution, enforcement and management. Whether you wish to file a patent only in Australia or New Zealand, or wish to establish an international portfolio with patent filings in the USA, Europe and China – we can assist.

Navigation of trade marks is essential to any successful business. We help you own your brand in Australia and overseas, avoid infringing on someone else, and enforce your rights.

Registered designs are a useful way to protect the visual appearance of a new product. We can help you broadly secure the rights to your product design in Australia and overseas.

We routinely assist overseas Associates and law firms by providing specialist intellectual property services for your Clients including Australian and New Zealand patent, trade mark and design filings. We appreciate the expectations your Clients place on you – and ensure we are prompt, insightful and efficient.

When an intellectual property dispute arises – you need rapid specialist assistance. We undertake a range of IP disputes including those before IP Australia such as patent & trade mark opposition matters, and we also assist with broader IP enforcement and defense to assist with Federal Court matters.

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