Medical Technology Patents


We know our anatomy, bio-compatibility and the complex R&D that goes into medical devices – due to long development and approval times – patents are almost always essential for medical devices and technology.

Medical Devices & Technology

Experience with medical devices

We have a long history with medical device patents and related technologies from relatively simple bandaid and patch type products right through to medical imaging and diagnostic technologies.

With medical devices and technology there are often prior patents that need to be considered and navigated, and  the development and approval cycle can we quite long with investment required. These factors make consideration of and securing of patents essential to being successful in this market.

Technologies we cover

  • Patches, braces, bandaids
  • Surgical tools and aids
  • Valves, pace-makers, stints
  • Diagnostics and viewing devices
  • Drug delivery and administrations systems
  • Imaging and screening systems, kits and devices


Case Studies

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