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Every industry is different - knowing how to leverage your IP in your market is key to establising your competitive advantage

We secure patents & related IP in the fields of mechanical, electrical, process and systems engineering from initial sketches to the final production to ensure complete initial and lifecycle protection.

We know mining, oil and gas technology – we work with some of Australia’s leading mining and resource companies to patent new technologies and processes.

We advise on strategy and IP protection for consumer products – we secure patents for start-ups, industrial design firms and manufacturers on a wide range of inventions from desktop air-conditioners, kayaks and lawn mowers to coffee makers and more !

We know our anatomy, bio-compatibility and the complex R&D that goes into medical devices – due to long development and approval times – patents are almost always essential for medical devices.

New software system or method? Is it protectable? Will you infringe a third party patent? Whether you are into databases, web portals, SAAS, security, machine learning or blockchain – we can help you.

Trade mark for your wine or gin? Patent for a new snap freezing technique? New machine for picking fruit? Let’s talk food and beverages.

Air conditioning, batteries, power grid management, solar, wind, wave, heat and cooling – we work with some of Australia’s brightest energy start-ups as well as some of Australia’s largest manufacturers.

If it has been done before – we would not be here. Not every new idea fits a particular industry or even has an industry. How about space technology, nanotechnology and the virtual world? The fringes of technology excite us the most.

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