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Do you need a Patent Attorney? Is there a difference between a provisional patent application and a standard patent application? Do I really need a trade mark?

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We are engrossed in the world of IP all day, every day. Here is our list of frequently asked questions and general answers.

A patent requires the drafting of a patent specification, usually including drawings, to describe the invention – and then the filing, examination and granting of the patent. However, there is much more to the process. Here is our general guide in relation to how to patent.

Under Australian law only a patent attorney is entitled a draft and amend patents on behalf of other before IP Australia. A lawyer is not permitted to do this work. Here is our overview of the difference between patent attorneys and lawyers.

The role of a patent attorney is to assess your IP, devise a strategy to meet your commercial goals and then assist to execute that strategy by securing and navigating patent, design, and trade marks rights. Here is our overview of the role of a patent attorney.

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