Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is one the core services of IP&. We are specialist in the drafting of Australian and International Standard Patents including those bound for Europe, the United States of America and China.

Many new inventors or people new to patents confuse “patent drafting” and “patent filing”. The patent drafting is the actual writing of the patent and the preparation of accompanying drawings. The filing of the patent is simply the lodgment of the patent with the appropriate patent office. The main service Patent Attorneys provide is “patent drafting” with the “lodgment or filing” being a minor part of the service.

Our Patent drafting includes:

  • A background review and formulation of the problem your invention seeks to solve. At this stage, we can also perform optional searches to better understand the present “state-of–the–art”;
  • A broad overview of your invention to take into account your inventive concept and contemplate variations of your invention;
  • A detailed technical description of your inventions again taking into account variations. We also use our technical skills to predict future changes to your invention and seek to protect these variations;
  • Drafting patent claims which secure your invention as well as variations and similar copies which incorporate your invention; and
  • Consideration of international patent law including laws for Europe, the United States of America and China.

The most important step – Patent Drafting

Patenting drafting is most important part of the patent process as it is difficult to amend a patent once filed (i.e. you are stuck with what you filed!). Of course, it is the drafted patent that will eventually be granted and define your rights for a maximum period of 20 years – so you need a document that can stand the test of time and is enforceable (and defendable) in a Court of law.

Get Engineering Attorneys involved who think outside the box

If you require a high quality patent drafted in the technical fields of consumer products, engineering (mechanical, energy, electrical, aerospace and process) or computing, then please contact us. We can also provide you with examples of our work to demonstrate the high level of drafting work delivered by our firm.