Invention Assessment & Evaluation

Invention Assessment is the most important step in the patenting and commercialisation process. It is critical before embarking on your project to determine if your idea or invention is in fact new and if it is worthwhile to proceed with investing in patent protection, product development and manufacturing.

Get your Invention or Idea Evaluated

At Caska IP we have assisted hundreds of inventors and companies to evaluate and protect their intellectual property. Our invention assessment process includes consideration of patentability, technical feasibility and marketability. Our invention assessment process is unique to Caska IP and ensures well informed decisions are made at the outset.

What will your Report include?

  • Patentability – we’ll perform a preliminary patent search and let you know your patent position;
  • Technical Feasibility – we’ll undertake an initial technical evaluation to see if your invention will work, how it could be made and how much it may cost to be made;
  • Marketability – we’ll estimate the size of your market, how marketable your invention is and highlight any competing products.

How to obtain the Invention Assessment Report

  • Click on the following link >>> Invention Disclosure & Evaluation Document and complete our confidential Invention Disclosure Document;
  • Your invention will then be analysed by a Patent Attorney.  The Invention Assessment Report will be delivered to you via email within 7 working days;
  • If you then decide to proceed with a Patent Application – we’ll offer you a discount of 10% on our fees toward the patent.

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As an individual inventor, I set out to find a Patent Attorney service that was accessible and reasonably priced to assist in lodging my first patent application. I found Caska IP to be not only affordable and accessible, but highly professional and attentive to my needs and requirements. Caska IP worked with me to assist in refining my idea and expressing its unique qualities. I highly recommend Caska IP to the individual inventor

Lester Walters
Inventor, QUAD R&D Pty Ltd