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Look before you leap. A patent search is essential before filing a patent or releasing a new product into the market.

Patent Searching

Why you need a Patent Search? Do I need a Patent Search?

Ok – so I’m frustrated – one of my favorite Clients just found out most of what we were hoping were the patentable aspects of their invention have been done before. I’m frustrated because I had advised and repeatedly warned that they should conduct at least a basic patent search before filing their complete patent (which in this case was a PCT patent application). The client had conducted some brief searches themselves but had failed to conduct the search properly and did not wish to allow us to spend an hour or so reviewing what documents they had found. Below are some reasons why you need at least a basic professional patent search.

Why you need a Patent Search – There is almost always something similar

There are literally millions of published patent specifications and there is almost always someone who has submitted a patent for aspects or parts of your invention.  This does not mean you won’t be able to achieve you own patent but it does mean that you will need to focus on the new aspects of you invention.

Searching allows you to Focus on the novel differences

You need to know your enemy ! By having at least a basic knowledge of prior patents it is much easier to focus your patent on the new advantages. This is really important as if you wait until patent examination for your first search it may be too late to refine your patent application.

Why Patents Attorneys don’t like patent searching?

There are two reasons why most patent attorneys don’t perform patent searches – risk and loss of work (if they find something similar you may not file a patent). We believe this approach is wrong and we offer all of our clients’ the option of a First-Cut patent search prior to filing a provisional patent or a complete patent. We then integrate the search results into the provisional patent or complete patent to bolster its effectiveness. Sometimes for commercial reasons searches may be conducted after the provisional patent is filed. However, we always strongly recommend a patent search is conducted prior to filing a complete patent application.

What is a First-Cut search? – Affordable Professional Patent Searchers

Our First-Cut search is a propriety patent search developed by Caska IP Patent Attorneys to determine if an invention is likely to be patentable and, if so, what kind of patent scope you may achieve. Our First-Cut search is based around the 80:20 rule to keep cost down. In other words, our search is about 80% effective and incurs cost of about 20% of the cost of a full scale worldwide novelty search and patent attorney opinion which normally will cost at least $ 8,000 – $12,000, if done properly.  Our First-Cut search and opinion typically costs about $2,500 and has proven extremely effective in assisting Clients to broadly determine the patentability of their invention.

International Type Search

The Australian patent office offers an international type search on a filed provisional patent applications. This search can be conducted within 8 months of filing. We recommend all of our Clients’ to request this search. The cost is about $2,000 and a patent examiner will provide a search report identifying documents which are relevant to the patentability of your invention. This provides an additional level of confidence in your invention and provides a validation or compliment to the first-cut patent search results.

Get in Touch with Caska IP Patent Attorneys

Don’t waste your money on seeking a patent without at least a basic patent search. If you want to be at least 80% sure you are on the right track – we can conduct our First-Cut patent search and opinion. Otherwise, we can request an international-Type search on your provisional patent application after it is filed.

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